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WACDL was formed to improve the quality and administration of justice.  WACDL has close to 1000 members – private criminal defense lawyers, public defenders, and related professionals committed to preserving fairness and promoting a rational and humane criminal justice system.

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News & Information

State Supreme Court weighs warrantless searches of records
KOMO News: Justices on Washington's Supreme Court had a lot of questions Tuesday about a little-known state law that allows investigators to get a suspect's bank, phone, email and other records without a search warrant.
Yakima County forum will discuss pre-trial release program
Yakima-Herald: Yakima County is among three areas selected nationwide to participate in the pilot program that offers judges risk-assessment tools to determine who would most likely return to court and not reoffend while awaiting trial.
Gov. Jay Inslee’s statement on today’s hearing regarding repeal of Washington’s death penalty law
“I fully support the bipartisan bills introduced this year to end the death penalty."
How to Force Prosecutors to Play Fair
New York Times: When prosecutors cheat and lie repeatedly to win convictions, should their office be held accountable?
Why I'm a WACDL Member - Neil Fox
"WACDL is really an amazing organization that all defense attorneys, including public defenders, should join."
State v. Mecham (No. 90598-3)
On January 30, 2015, WACDL filed an amicus brief in State v. Mecham.
Why I'm a WACDL Member - David Hammerstad
"Fingertip access to advice and support on list serves."
'Death-qualified' juror search slows marathon, theater cases
Seattle Times: The process is designed to weed out jurors who have strong feelings for or against the death penalty. A 1985 ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court said a juror can lawfully be excused if his views on the death penalty are so strong that they would prevent or substantially impair his ability to follow the law.
Why I'm a WACDL Member - Catlin Gibson
" I cannot say enough about what WACDL has done for me and my career in criminal defense as a paralegal and an investigator."
Why I'm a WACDL Member - Thomas W. Cox
"The guidance that I have received from my association with WACDL has kept me in good standing in my legal community."
In a Safer Age, U.S. Rethinks Its ‘Tough on Crime’ System
New York Times: Bullets were flying in the cities. Crack wars trapped people in their homes. The year was 1994, and President Bill Clinton captured the grim national mood, declaring “gangs and drugs have taken over our streets” as he signed the most far-reaching crime bill in history.
Gideon’s Despair
The Marshall Project: Four things the next attorney general needs to know about America’s indigent defense crisis.
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