William O. Douglas Award Recipients

The William O. Douglas Award is WACDL’s most esteemed award, and is normally given to recognize a pattern of extraordinary achievement, courage, and dedication in the practice of criminal law. Normally, only one Douglas Award is presented.

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President's Awards Recipients

President's Awards are given to recognize distinguished service to the highest traditions of the criminal defense bar. This award may be given to recognize achievement in a particular case or series of related cases, or long-time service to the criminal defense bar. Up to three President’s Awards may be given each year.

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Tony Savage Award

The Anthony Savage Award recognizes an outstanding trial performance or result achieved by an attorney in practice less than ten years. The recipient also becomes the caretaker for Tony Savage’s briefcase, up to the time the next Savage Award is given. Only one Savage Award may be given each year.

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Champion of Justice Award Recipients

The Champion of Justice Award recognizes an individual who — through legislative, judicial, journalistic or humanitarian pursuits — defended constitutional rights and endeavored to ensure justice and due process for those accused of crime. One Champion of Justice Award may be presented each year.

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WACDL Certificate of Appreciation Recipients

Certificates of Recognition are given for service to the association in the past year.

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Awards Nominations

How to nominate an individual for a WACDL award.

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