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Champion of Justice Award Recipients

The Champion of Justice Award recognizes an individual who — through legislative, judicial, journalistic or humanitarian pursuits — defended constitutional rights and endeavored to ensure justice and due process for those accused of crime. One Champion of Justice Award may be presented each year.
2016 Alison Chinn Holcomb
2015 Trueblood v. DSHS, et al. advocates: Christopher Carney;
Anita Khandelwal; La Rond Baker, Margaret Chen and Sarah A. Dunne of the ACLU of Washington; David R. Carlson and Emily Cooper of Disability Rights Washington; Eric Johnsen, Braden Pence, Jason Schwarz and Cassie Trueblood of the Snohomish County Office of Public Defense
2014 Wilbur v. Mount Vernon, et al. advocates: Chris Jackson, Toby Marshall, David Steele, Robert Boruchowitz, John Strait, Letty Alvarez, Jennifer Boschen, Sarah Dunne, Camille Fisher, Joel Y. Higa, Carol Kness, Chris Knowlden, Breena M. Roos, Nancy Talner, James F. Williams, and Matthew John Zuchetto
2013 Brendan Kiley
2012 Ari Kohn
2011 Innocence Project NW Clinic
2010 Rep. Sherry Appleton
2009 James Bible, Jr.
2008 Teresa Mathis
2007 Joanne Moore
2006 Jon Ostlund
2005 Ken Armstrong
2004 Jennifer Davis
2003 Lisa Daugaard
2002 Senator Adam Kline
2001 Justice Richard B. Sanders
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