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President's Awards Recipients

President's Awards are given to recognize distinguished service to the highest traditions of the criminal defense bar. This award may be given to recognize achievement in a particular case or series of related cases, or long-time service to the criminal defense bar. Up to three President’s Awards may be given each year.
2019 Ramona C. Brandes, Michael Filipovic and Leslie Tolzin
2018 Robert Goldsmith, Kari Reardon and Nancy Talner
2017 Francis Adewale, Casey Stamm and John Zulauf
2016 Kevin Curtis and Jeffrey Steinborn
2015 Steve Thayer and Lila Silverstein
2014 Patricia Fulton and Mark Prothero
2013 George L. Bianchi and Robert Leen
2012 Nancy Collins and David Koch
2011 Bruce Findlay and Kimberly Gordon
2010 Gilbert Levy
2009 Sherilyn Peterson
2008 Ted Vosk

Jeff Ellis, Michael Iaria

2006 Jim E. Egan, Cherilyn Church, Donna Tucker
2005 Suzanne Elliott, Ron Ness, Jackie Walsh
2004 Eileen Farley, Carol Huneke, John Strait
2003 Dutch Wetzel
2002 John Rodgers, Don Westerman, David Zuckerman

Dan Fessler, Neil Fox, Jon Komorowski

2000 Victor Lara, Rachel Levy, Jay Stansell
1999 Elizabeth Calvin, Robert Mahler, Jacqueline McMurtrie
1998 Garth Dano, Kathy Lyon, Lori Gustavson
1997 Carole Grayson, Charles Dorn, Anna-Mari Sarkanen
1996 Roger Hunko, Judy Clarke
1995 Rick Troberman, Miriam Schwartz, Pat Stiley
1994 Karen Klein, Sheryl Gordon McCloud, Mark Muenster

John W. Wolfe, Robert Wayne

1992 Murray Guterson
1991 Peter Offenbecher, Jon Ostlund
1990 no award
1988 Richard Cease, Tony Savage
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