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William O. Douglas Award Recipients

The William O. Douglas Award is WACDL’s most esteemed award, and is normally given to recognize a pattern of extraordinary achievement, courage, and dedication in the practice of criminal law. Normally, only one Douglas Award is presented.
2019 Lila Silverstein
2018 Mark Muenster
2017 John Strait
2016 Neil Fox
2015 Suzanne Lee Elliott
2014 Doug Cowan
2013 Mary Kay High
2012 Mark Mestel
2011 Peter Offenbecher
2010 Jeff Ellis
2009 Jim Lobsenz, Peter Camiel
2008 Sheryl Gordon McCloud
2007 Todd Maybrown
2006 Dan Dubitzky & Roger Hunko
2005 Jeff Fisher
2004 Jeffery Robinson
2003 Rita Griffith & Steve Hayne
2002 Simmie A. Baer
2001 Richard Hansen
2000 Lenell Nussbaum
1999 J. Adam Moore
1998 Tony Savage

John Midgley

1996 Mike Frost
1995 David Allen
1994 Judy Mandel

Tom Hillier, Bob Boruchowitz

1992 Tim Ford
1991 Mark Vovos
1990 Richard Cease
1988 Kathryn Lund Ross
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