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City of Kirkland v. Hope Stevens, #93812-1

WACDL agreed to file an amicus brief on behalf of Ms. Stevens on her appeal. Ms. Stevens brought a successful motion to dismiss in district court pursuant to CrR 8.3(b) for government mismanagement and CrRLJ 4.7 discovery violations.

WACDL Issues

The prosecution in Ms. Stevens case provided late disclosure to defense attorneys of 4 witnesses only 2 weeks before trial after the case had been pending for 6 months. The witnesses then declined to speak to defense counsel during the time remaining for trial. Additionally, earlier disclosed witnesses failed to appear for depositions and, when they did, did not fully answer questions from defense counsel.

On RALJ appeal the superior court reversed the dismissal, a motion for discretionary review was denied by the COA and appealed to the WSSC in which the commissioner also denied review. A motion to modify the commissioners ruling was made to the court and granted.

WACDL Amicus

Chris Jackson

Appellate Author

Todd Maybrown, James Lobsenz

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