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State v. Erik Petterson, WSSC #94439-3

On July 11, 2017 WACDL filed an amicus brief the issue of whether a trial court has the authority to modify community custody provisions of a SSOSA.


Petition for discretionary review to WSSC granted on 9/8/2017.


The trial court modified Mr. Petterson's conditions of community custody following completion of treatment and compliance with conditions for several years. After an approved move to another county a new CCO re-imposed all original conditions, including a new treatment program, refusing to give effect to the Superior Court order.

WACDL Amicus

WACDL specifically addressed whether any party to a SSOSA - defendant or victim - has any recourse to petition the sentencing court for modifications or terminations of no contact orders at any during supervision.

WACDL Amicus Authors

Rita Griffith, Amy Muth

Appellate Author

Tom Weaver

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