Conference Registration Includes:

  • Entry to Friday and Saturday's CLE Sessions (continental breakfast included)
  • WACDL Awards Dinner Ticket
Member Pricing
Registrant Type Registration Fee
Public Defender $375
Public Defender Firm $375
1st or 2nd Year of Private Practice $375
3rd or 4th Year of Private Practice $380
4+ Years of Private Practice $425
Law Student $365
Sustaining  $385
Patron $220
Free One Month Trial $425
Retired $375

Non-Member Pricing
Registrant Type Registration Fee
Non-Member Public Defender or Non-Lawyer $415
Non-Member Private Practice $465
Social Events Only (Awards Dinner Ticket) $80

Registration Add-Ons
Item Fee
Entry to the Ethics Pre-conference held on Thursday $120
Lunch for Friday's Annual Meeting (open to all members) $35
Additional Awards Dinner Ticket $80
Justice on the Vine: A Criminal Defense Lunch & Wine Tasting (transportation included) $145