Schwartz Scholarship

Apply by March 15 for WACDL's Scholarship for NCDC, the National Criminal Defense College.

In 2001, the WACDL Board of Governors honored WACDL member Irwin Schwartz, who became president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in August, 2001, by creating a scholarship in his name for WACDL members attending the Trial Practice Institute of the National Criminal Defense College.

Scholarship Guidelines
WACDL funds one scholarship each year, to a WACDL member attending the Trial Practice Institute sponsored by the National Criminal Defense College. The scholarship provides full tuition to attend the Trial Practice Institute; the scholarship recipient must provide travel expenses. The Dean of the NCDC will award the scholarship each year from applications received by WACDL.

WACDL has established the following criteria to guide the NCDC in the process of awarding the scholarship:

  • The scholarship must be awarded to a member of the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers who is presently practicing criminal defense in the State of Washington. If no qualified member of WACDL applies in any year, the scholarship will not be awarded in that year.
  • The WACDL Schwartz Scholarship recipient must agree to remain a member of WACDL for at least three years following receipt of the scholarship. Failure to remain a WACDL member for three years following receipt of scholarship funds will require the recipient to refund to WACDL the full amount of the scholarship funds received.
  • The recipient's law practice should reflect a demonstrated commitment to the representation of indigent criminal defendants.
  • Otherwise, in the exercise of his or her discretion in awarding the scholarship, the Dean of the NCDC should consider such factors as financial need, aptitude, experience, and the applicant's likelihood of benefiting from the program.

To apply

  • Get more info at the NCDC website.¬† Fill out their application¬† for the Trial Practice Institute, including their scholarship application. List WACDL in the section asking for your affiliations.
  • Fill out WACDL's application for the Schwartz Scholarship and return it to WACDL by March 15.

Scholarship recipients

2002 - Kim Gordon
2003 - Ramona Brandes
2004 - Marvin Lee
2005 - Amy Muth
2006 - Maggie Smith Evansen
2007 - Mary Kay High
2008 - Nicholas Juhl
2009 - Jennifer Mauricio
2010 - Jeri Bonkoski
2011 - Laura Martin
2012 - Merwin Moe Spencer
2013 - Patrick O'Connor
2014 - Lindsay Serbousek
2015 - Andrew Rice
2016 - Paul Thompson
2017 - Alex Frix

WACDL Scholarship Donors

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Emily Beschen
Louis Byrd, Jr.
Robert Butler
Paula Deutsch
Louis Frantz
Neal Friedmam
David Gehrke
Robert Gombiner
Kimberly Gordon
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David Hammerstad
Alexandria Hohman
Larry Jefferson
William Kirk
Lacey O'Malley Bail Bond Agency
Cassandra Lopez de Arriaga
Donald Madsen
Laura Martin
Briteney Ann Mercer
Mark Muenster
Amy Muth
John Ostermann
John Polito
Jonathan Rands
Ryan Robertson
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Michael Schueler
Greg Scott
Michelle Scudder
Cara Starr
James Tolin
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