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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Spotting and Litigating Constitutional Speedy Trial Issues

Start Date: 3/18/2021 12:00 PM PDT
End Date: 3/18/2021 1:00 PM PDT

Organization Name: Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Email: info@wacdl.org
Phone: (206) 623-1302

The Sixth Amendment and Article 1, Section 22 of the Washington Constitution both guarantee a defendant a speedy trial. If the right is violated, your client gets a dismissal with prejudice--even for a charge as serious as aggravated murder. This training explores the parameters of the right to a speedy trial and provides pragmatic advice on how to spot and litigate this issue.

Middaugh is a criminal defense attorney in solo practice. Prior to starting in private practice, he worked at the King County Department of Public Defense as a felony trial attorney and clerked for Judge M. Margaret McKeown on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. He graduated from Duke University for undergrad and Stanford for law school. He currently serves as a co-chair of the WACDL Amicus Committee.