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If you are practicing any amount of criminal defense, you owe it to yourself and your clients to be a part of WACDL.  WACDL's publications, educational programs, and committees provide the support you need to stay informed about, succeed in, and influence the practice of criminal law.


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Being a part of WACDL (since being in law school) has helped me immeasurably in my defense practice. Having such a group of mentors, CLEs, and list serves are things I'm grateful for - and I use the material I've learned every day in my practice!
– Jonathan Dichter
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Patron members support WACDL with an additional contribution.  They receive free tuition for two WACDL CLE programs and a 50% discount on the annual conference registration fee.  In addition, we will send patron members a link to download speaker materials for each of the CLE programs we present during your membership year.

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“Years of practice” is determined by when you were first admitted to any Bar.

Public defender members are those who obtain all of their income from assigned cases (e.g., no private cases).

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