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Online application to join WACDL if paying by credit card (or download an application to pay by check).

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Learn how WACDL can help you save time, stay informed of changes in the law, and do more for your criminal defense clients.

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WACDL membership is for criminal defense lawyers and associated professionals; read more about membership restrictions here.

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What Our Members Have to Say

WACDL members on why they join ... and renew year after year.

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I joined WACDL as a law student, not knowing at the time what a tremendous resource and critical part of my practice this organization would end up to be. Over ten years later, WACDL is an integral part of my practice and my identity as a criminal defense attorney. WACDL membership provides invaluable access to other defense attorneys for everything from brainstorming on novel legal issues to strike force support when needed. Being a WACDL member makes you part of a team and gives you the knowledge you need to fight for your clients, and the comfort and camaraderie of knowing you’re not in it alone.
– Brit Mercer