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If you are practicing any amount of criminal defense, you owe it to yourself and your clients to be a part of WACDL.  WACDL's publications, educational programs, and committees provide the support you need to stay informed about, succeed in, and influence the practice of criminal law.

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You are eligible for WACDL membership if you are an attorney who is a member of any state bar, a law student, or a non-lawyer professional who is involved with the criminal justice system.

Prosecutors, law enforcement, and full-time judges are not eligible for membership in WACDL.  read more

I meet the eligibility requirements for WACDL membership. In addition, I am not a full or part-time prosecutor; I do not perform any prosecutorial functions; I am not a full-time judge; and I am not employed in law enforcement or engaged in law enforcement investigation of criminal cases.
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$160 - full-time public defender (no private cases)
$190 - full-time law professor
$140 - retired
$160 - associate - law office staff (non-lawyer)
$125 - associate - at public defender office (non-lawyer)
$185 - associate - other (non-lawyer)
$35 - law student

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I have been a WACDL member for over 20 years, first as a public defender and now as a private attorney. The list serve, the CLEs, and the case law updates keep me on top of current changes in the law so that I am less likely to miss an issue that might help a client’s case. WACDL has been an invaluable resource for me over the years.

– Lee Grochmal

Membership Categories


Patron members support WACDL with an additional contribution.  They receive free tuition for two WACDL CLE programs and a 50% discount on the annual conference registration fee.  In addition, we will send patron members a link to download speaker materials for each of the CLE programs we present during your membership year.

Sustaining members support WACDL with an additional contribution.  They may download the materials for WACDL CLE programs presented while they are a sustaining member.


“Years of practice” is determined by when you were first admitted to any Bar.

Public defender members are those who obtain all of their income from assigned cases (e.g., no private cases).

Law professor members are for full-time law professors.

Retired membership is for retired lawyers no longer taking paid cases.


Associate members are non-lawyers involved with the criminal justice system. Please select the appropriate associate member category:

- working full-time in a public defender office,

- staff of a law office, or

- other