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Why I'm a WACDL Member - Robert Perez
"Joining the most active criminal defense organization in the state seemed like a no-brainer in terms of networking, meeting potential sources of referrals, learning the local ropes, and so on."
Why I'm a WACDL Member - Amy Muth
" If you want your clients to benefit from the combined knowledge of over 1000 lawyers, become a member of WACDL."
Why I'm a WACDL Member - Thomas W. Cox
"The guidance that I have received from my association with WACDL has kept me in good standing in my legal community."
Why I'm a WACDL Member - Catlin Gibson
" I cannot say enough about what WACDL has done for me and my career in criminal defense as a paralegal and an investigator."
Why I'm a WACDL Member - David Hammerstad
"Fingertip access to advice and support on list serves."
Why I'm a WACDL Member - Neil Fox
"WACDL is really an amazing organization that all defense attorneys, including public defenders, should join."
The cost of seeking the dealth penalty.
Seattle University study finds Washington death penalty cases cost at least $1 million more than when death not sought.
LFO Bench Cards
Prepared by the WSSC's Minority and Justice Commission
Kent Underwood on Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer
"During my youth I developed a strong distaste for the abuse of authority, and a great appreciation for the Bill of Rights."
Brit Mercer on Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer
"He told me that his sentencing was the first time he really believed that anyone cared about him."
Omar Nur on Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer
"The cases are always interesting and it is very fulfilling to help guide my clients through these difficult times in their lives."
Linda M. Callahan on Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer
"Those of us who defend people pulled over by police are engaged in a battle beyond that of any one client."
Kallie Ferguson on Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer
"Our country over-criminalizes and doesn’t seek out good alternatives to jail. I want to be a driving force against that system."
Nancy Neal on Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer
"The conduct that is defined as 'criminal' is often regular human behavior."
Colleen O'Connor on Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer
"The prosecutor initially saw him as a hardened gangster. I saw the teenage boy."
Edwin Aralica on Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer
"It is so important to represent our clients with dignity, respect, and a sense of humanity."
Emily M. Gause on Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer
"There is never a dull moment in criminal defense. I love fighting the good fight."
PCAST Report on Forensic Science Released
President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology
Pattern Jury Instructions
New criminal instructions now available online.
Bob Goldsmith on Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer
"I wanted to do something to help people, especially the underdogs...and I wanted to stand up for people."
WACDL Court Rules Committee prepares package of rule proposals
The WACDL Court Rules Committee is preparing a package of rule change proposals to submit in 2017 for the scheduled review of criminal law court rules.
New Publications Available from WACDL
WACDL's Publications and Resources Committee is releasing six new quick reference guides.
Certificate of Appreciation Recipients
WACDL president Amy Muth has selected the following members to receive certificates of appreciation for their volunteer efforts. They will be presented with their certificates at WACDL’s annual conference in Chelan.
Thank You Holiday Party Sponsors
Thank you to the generous businesses and WACDL members who have made sponsor contributions for our December 8 holiday party!
Governor Signs Fair Chance Act
HB 1298, which prohibits employers from asking about arrests or convictions before an applicant is determined otherwise qualified for a position, was signed on March 13.
2018 WACDL Board Nominations
WACDL’s Nominating Committee has developed its slate of nominees for Board of Governor positions.
Auditors: Washington jails could release 4,700 inmates, save millions through pretrial services
Spokesman-Review: Auditors found roughly one-third of the state’s jail inmates are candidates for pretrial services such as electronic monitoring, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and texts and phone calls that remind people of court dates.
Booked And Buried: Northwest Jails' Mounting Death Toll
Oregon Public Broadcasting: Incomplete data tracking hides a crisis of rising death rates in overburdened Northwest jails that have been set up to fail the inmates they are tasked with keeping safe.
Cities can’t criminalize homelessness, federal court affirms
Curbed: Martin v. City of Boise says cities can’t punish the homeless for sleeping outdoors or on public property.
Prosecutors Are Working to Clear Wrongful Convictions, but Their Record Is Mixed
The Intercept: It was a watershed moment for the Wayne County CIU; Phillips was their first exoneration, but in just over a year of operation, the office, led by a veteran state appellate defender, has already cleared five more wrongful convictions — four murders and a child sex abuse case.
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