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New Publications Available from WACDL

WACDL's Publications and Resources Committee is releasing six new quick reference guides.
  • Bail Issues for Pre-Trial Detention: General issues; when bail may be required; release conditions; probable cause for detention; fugitive issues; challenge to detention; writ of habeas corpus; and statutory writs. April 2017, 6 pages.
  • Competency: General issues & definitions; right to self-representation; diminished capacity; intoxication; insanity; NGRI; developmental disabilities; speedy trial; evaluation; post-evaluation hearing; competency restoration; statutory time frames & legislation; forced medication; civil commitment; sexually violent predators; and list of motions when competency is an issue. March 2017, 10 pages.
  • Consequences of a DV Conviction: General issues and definitions; DV discovery; 911 calls; family or household designation; impact of conviction; no contact orders; post-conviction; violation of no contact order; treatment; relocation out of state; child custody; immigration; gun rights; professional licenses; miscellaneous consequences; and list of additional resources. March 2017, 12 pages.
  • Juvenile Sealing: Statutory criteria, removal of sex offender registration requirement, automatic sealing. Revised March 2017, 5 pages.
  • Post-Conviction: Post-judgment issues; collateral attack; invalid plea; sentencing; invalid offender score; sentencing conditions; community custody; LFOs; restitution; revocation hearings; vacate & seal; CROP; reprieves, pardons & commutations.  March 2017, 8 pages.
  • Sex Offender Registration: Who has to register; length of duty to register; relief from registration - adult; relief from registration - juvenile; leveling; registration timelines and failure to register. March 2017, 7 pages.  

Use this form to order these guides, or to order any of our other WACDL Quick Reference Guides (Appeals; Discovery; Expert Witness Checklist; Lesser Included Offenses; Miranda; Possession; Prosecutorial Misconduct; Search & Seizure; Suppression and Trial Objections).  These guides were developed with assistance from the Irving C. Paul Law Group.
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