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Omar Nur on Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer

"The cases are always interesting and it is very fulfilling to help guide my clients through these difficult times in their lives."

When you went to law school, did you intend to become a criminal defense lawyer?

Before law school, I always had an interest in criminal defense, but I did not know if I would practice criminal defense as an attorney. I also had interests in other practice areas including civil litigation, immigration law, and family law.

What convinced you to become a criminal defense lawyer?

During law school I had the opportunity to work with some incredible criminal defense attorneys to achieve justice for our deserving clients. This is when I drank the “Kool Aid” and realized my passion to advocate for individuals accused of crimes.

Have you ever been a prosecutor?  If so, what did you learn from that experience?

Never been a prosecutor. In law school I was offered a Rule 9 Intern position with a local prosecutor’s office. But they withdrew their offer one week before starting because of an old criminal traffic offense I had from ten years ago (reckless driving on my motorcycle). This incident made me realize the prosecutor’s office was not the type of institution I wanted to be a part of.

Who are your mentors?  What have you learned from them?

Many attorneys have helped me along the way, including: Bob Boruchowitz, Rico Tessandore, Cassandra Lopez de Arriaga, Brad Hampton, Bill Bailey, Fred Hopkins, Coleen St. Clair, and Adam Yanasak to name a few. My mentors taught me a lot about being a good lawyer: putting my clients' interests first, being proactive, and never giving up in the fight for justice. They have also been a great source of practice tips and procedural advice in my early practice.

Which case you’ve worked on are you proudest of?

One of my proudest cases was a case involving a juvenile charged with Assault in the 1st degree. This case involved a tragic accident that the prosecution tried to spin as an attempted murder / suicide plot orchestrated by our client. In the end, the judge found our client not guilty of the charged offense, and stated on the record that he found "considerable doubt" in the state's case. Our client was immediately released from detention and returned to her life. It was an incredible victory.

Why do you do criminal defense?

To defend my client’s rights and fight the system! The cases are always interesting and it is very fulfilling to help guide my clients through these difficult times in their lives.

Briefly describe your practice.

My practice focuses on representing individuals with criminal charges, traffic infractions, and auto accidents involving personal injury. We accept cases in most parts of Western Washington, and we have offices in Seattle and Everett to best serve our clients' needs.

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