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Why I'm a WACDL Member - David Hammerstad

"Fingertip access to advice and support on list serves."

Why did you join WACDL?

I attended the Chelan CLE my first summer in Seattle after working as a public defender on the east coast for five years.  I was very impressed with the program, which included Sheryl Gordon McCloud, Jeff Robinson, and Song Richardson.

What are the three things you most like about your WACDL membership?

(1) high quality CLE programs, (2) fingertip access to advice and support on list serves, (3) getting to know members at events (holiday party, Chelan conference, etc.).

What is the most valuable aspect of your WACDL membership?

Staying current on developments in law and having a voice on policy changes that affect my clients.

How has WACDL helped you succeed?

  • The opportunity to present at a CLE.
  • In-trial advice and support on matters that arise unexpectedly.


David Hammerstad is a criminal defense attorney, based in Seattle, with 16 years experience defending against a wide variety of felony and misdemeanor criminal charges in state and federal courts.


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