• WACDL-List created


  • WACDL launches website, which includes searchable brief bank and expert witness directory.
  • WACDL creates Schwartz Scholarship (to NCDC) in honor of member Irwin Schwartz becoming NACDL president.
  • Pam Crone becomes WACDL lobbyist
  • Our bill, drafted by Mark Muenster and Nancy Talner, to allow vacation of misdemeanor offenses passes.
  • Regina v. Burns and Rafay (extradition  death penalty); WACDL amicus authors: Richard C.C. Peck and Nikos Harris, with help from Neil Fox, Michael Iaria, Sheryl Gordon McCloud, David Fathi,  Gary Davis, Jim Koenig, Theresa Olson and others. This ruling was called “a victory not just for this case, but for the entire international fight against the death penalty."
  • First Champion of Justice Award presented to the Hon. Richard Sanders
  • Kim Gordon receives first Irwin Schwartz Scholarship


  • Charlie Williams represents WACDL as a member of the WSSC's Time for Trial Task Force.
  • State v. Andress (felony murder); WACDL amicus author: Pat Novotny
  • Prosecutorial misconduct committee created
  • WACDL helps find and support pro bono lawyers for clients who may obtain earlier release under the Andress ruling.


  • WACDL creates RPC 1.5 Task Force to respond to proposed changes regarding flat fees.


  • Blakeley v. Washington (applicability of Apprendi to WA SRA); WACDL amicus author: Sheryl Gordon McCloud
  • WACDL creates task force to draft Blakely "fix" legislation.


  • Blakely "fix" bill, which we helped draft, passes.
  • WACDL Ethics Hotline created
  • WSBA board forms task force, with WACDL reps, to address concerns related to trust accounts and retainers; Alison Holcomb represents WACDL
  • New email list rules approved
  • State v. Recuenco/In re Swenson (application of Blakely to firearm enhancement); WACDL amicus authors: Linda J. King & Sheryl Gordon McCloud
  • Ashcroft v. Raich (medical marijuana); WACDL amicus author: Sheryl Gordon McCloud
  • State v. Evans; In re Swenson (retroactivity of Blakely); WACDL amicus authors: Linda J. King &  Sheryl Gordon McCloud
  • Prison Legal News v. Washington DOC (PRA request); WACDL amicus authors: Magda Baker & Sheryl Gordon McCloud


  • WACDL develops model fee agreement
  • New GR 15 takes effect; Nancy Talner represented us on the task force that drafted it
  • Alison Holcomb represents WACDL on the KCBA's Drug Policy Task Force
  • Davis v. Washington (911 statements and Crawford); WACDL amicus authors: Sheryl Gordon McCloud, Pamela Harris & Timothy O’Toole


  • After years of prodding by defense bar reps reps to the WPIC, pattern instructions are made available online.
  • WACDL asks the Forensic Investigations Council to investigate problems at the state crime lab.
  • We celebrate our 20th anniversary with special bowling awards crafted by Peter and Cooper Offenbecher.
  • We invite law enforcement and prosecutors to a CLE program on eyewitness identification.


  • State v. Strode (open courtroom); WACDL amicus author: Jeff Ellis
  • Public Defense Committee created
  • Sherry Appleton receives Champion of Justice Award.