• State v. Afana (good faith exception); WACDL amicus author: Doug Klunder
  • State v. Nason (auto jail); WACDL amicus authors: Nancy Talner, Sarah Dunne, &  Lila  Silverstein
  • State v. Jasper (confrontation of evidence); WACDL amicus authors: Suzanne Elliott &  Travis Stearns


  • WACDL receives settlement from Seattle Police Dept. of $22,050 + attorney fees, in response to our lawsuit challenging their denial of our PRA request.
  • New Diversity Committee created
  • Our bill to add a defense lawyer to the Forensic Investigations Council passes.


  • New website launches
  • WACDL begins relationship with Lawyers Association Trust & Moranco
  • State v. Gresham (important evidentiary rule clarification); WACDL amicus author: Amy Muth
  • State v. Bobby Thompson (basis for DNA testing on a claim of actual innocence); WACDL amicus author: Suzanne Elliott
  • State v. Snapp (consolidated with State v. Wright) (greater protections of WA constitution); WACDL amicus author: Sheryl Gordon McCloud
  • State v. Lyon (affidavit in suport of a search warrant); WACDL amicus author: Tom Conom
  • Rulings in a number of open court cases (Tarhan, Morris, Paumier, Wise); WACDL amicus authors include Jeff Ellis, Suzanne Elliott, Sheryl Gordon McCloud


  • The WACDL board considers whether WACDL should remain a 501(c)(3) organization and decides that yes, it should.
  • In Re PRP of Stockwell (right to effective assistance of counsel includes accurate advice on plea bargains); WACDL amicus authors: Jeff Ellis & Suzanne Elliott
  • State v. Hinton (text messages); WACDL amicus authors: Rabi Lahiri & Lila Silverstein
  • State v. Roden (text messages); WACDL amicus author: Lila Silverstein


  • State v. Lui (requirement for specific expert to testify as right of confrontation);
  • State v. Barton (cash bail); WACDL amicus author: Amy Muth
  • State v. JR (burden of proof); WACDL amicus author: David Zuckerman


  • WACDL creates its Hair Microscopy Task Force, to review cases where convictions may have been based on faulty hair microscopy evidence.
  • State v. Blazina (impact of LFOs on indigent defendants); joint brief with Center for Justice, CLS, ACLU and WDA
  • State v. Peeler (state must comply with the lawful request under the detainer act or lose ability to prosecute); WACDL amicus author: Suzanne Elliott
  • State v. O’Dell (juvenile sentencing); joint amicus brief; Suzanne Elliott for WACDL
  • State v. Khan (requiring courts to properly consider PRPs to consider collateral attacks on convictions); WACDL amicus author: David Zuckerman


  • WACDL launches its online, searchable Brady list
  • WACDL begins publish a series of quick reference guides
  • WACDL creates a Jury Diversity task force
  • WACDL partners with the Federal Public Defender of the Western District of WA to add their briefs to the WACDL brief bank.
  • State v. Love (open courts); WACDL amicus authors Danny Kelly-Stallings & Suzanne Elliiott)
  • State v. Duncan (impact of LFOs on indigenct clients); joint amicus brief, Suzanne Elliott for WACDL
  • State v. Mecham (consequences of refusing FSTs); WACDL amicus athors: D. Jack Guthrie & Suzanne Elliott
  • State v. Wakefield (impact of LFOs on indigent clients); joint amicus brief, Suzanne Elliott for WACDL
  • State v. Davis (discriminatory sentencing); joint brief with FPD/Western District & ACLU; Suzanne Elliott for WACDL


  • WACDL begins offering online CLE programs
  • WACDL's Court Rules Committee submits eight proposed changes to the WA State Supreme Court
  • State v. Houston-Sconiers (juvenile sentencing); WACDL amicus author: Suzanne Elliott
  • State v. Ramos (juvenile sentencing); Suzanne Elliott for WACDL


  • Washington Fair Chance Act, which prohibits employers from asking about arrests or convictions before an applicant is determined otherwise qualified for a position passed and was signed by the Governor.  Members of WACDL's Criminal Records and Restoration of Rights Committee (Mark Muenster & Nancy Talner, co-chairs) drafted this legislation and worked for three years to get it passed.
  • In re Fero (new evidence); WACDL amicus author: Neil Fo
  • State of Washington v. Leonel Romero Ochoa (impeaching witnesses); WACDL Amicus Author: Thomas E. Weaver, Rita Griffith
  • State of Washington v. John Douglas Mayfield (Gunwall analysis and Ferrier warnings); WACDL Amicus Author: Thomas E. Weaver
  • State of Washington v. Michael Clifford Boisselle (right to appeal); WACDL Amicus Author: James E. Lobsenz
  • Jerry L. Barr v. Snohomish County Sheriff (firearm rights); WACDL Amicus Author: SchÓ§en Parnell


  • City of Shoreline v. Solomon Mclemore (warrantless entry); WACDL Amicus Author: Thomas E. Weaver
  • In Re the Personal Restraint Petition of Endy Domingo-Cornelio (juvenile sentencing); WACDL Amicus Author: Jeffrey E. Ellis
  • State of Washington v. Jason E. Slotemaker (overbroad regulation); WACDL Amicus Author: Rita Griffith
  • State of Washington v. Cristian Delbosque (juvenile sentencing); WACDL Amicus Author: Rita Griffith
  • State of Washington v. David Zachary Morgan (warrant requirement); WACDL Amicus Author: Sopen Shah, Eric B. Wolff