• Defense lawyers, over meetings during 1986 and 1987 at the Merchants Café, form the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.


  • First WACDL amicus brief filed in March: State v. Ciskie (admissibility of rape trauma syndrome testimony); WACDL amicus author: Mike Trickey
  • WACDL has 52 members
  • First CLE program presented on May 29: "The Time Has Come" featuring Richard "Racehorse" Haynes, The Hon. John Coughenour, and Judy Clarke.
  • First Defense Magazine published, with articles about forfeiture, eyewitness ID, prostitution sex stings, compelled mental health evaluations, and child sex cases.


  • Teresa Mathis becomes WACDL's first Executive Director.
  • Catherine Chaney testifies against one-party consent bill, which dies due to our efforts.
  • First WACDL Holiday Party: Dinner is an hors d'oeuvres buffet (and we run out of food); first William O. Douglas Award presented to Katie Ross.


  • WACDL membership grows to 329
  • Steve Ross hired as WACDL lobbyist