• WACDL donates a copy of our William O. Douglas bust to Yakima Museum
  • WACDL moves to its own office
  • State v. Boland (privacy of garbage); WACDL amicus authors: Kate Pflaumer, Robert Whaley, Richard Hansen
  • State v. Leach (application of felony murder doctrine arson-related death); WACDL amicus author: Nancy Talner
  • WACDL sponsors federal habeas CLE program, which draws attendance from several states.
  • City of Auburn v. Brooke (essential elements rule applies to all charging documents); WACDL amicus author: Nancy Talner


  • WACDL sponsors first "Lobby Day" in Olympia for board members and committee chairs
  • Second WACDL staff person (1/2 time) hired


  • Past President Kate Pflaumer resigns from WACDL to become US Attorney.
  • WACDL begins making donations to Matthew House
  • In the aftermath of the Rodney King verdict, WACDL presents a luncheon discussion on the topic of race and ethics for criminal defense lawyers.
  • Past President Bob Whaley leaves WACDL to become a superior court judge (and, in 1995, a federal judge).


  • Our bill to expand the jury pool passes.
  • WACDL Executive Director Teresa Mathis organizes coalition to oppose Three Strikes initiative.


  • Federal Bar Committee hosts first brown bag lunch CLE
  • Death Penalty Committee organizes series of short programs on capital litigation
  • WACDL's Three Strikes Task Force prepares master briefs and other background for members
  • Sherry Appleton becomes WACDL lobbyist


  • We invite the ATF to do a gun "show and tell" at our spring CLE program
  • Second WACDL staff person becomes full time


  • Directory of WACDL's brief bank made available on floppy disc (briefs themselves still on paper)
  • WACDL legislative priority bill creating Office of Public Defense passes
  • U.S. District Court Judge William L. Dwyer speaks on criminal defense lawyers and American liberty
  • Chicago Bulls fan Marianne Jackson is Chelan keynote speaker; the Chicago Bulls beat the Seattle Supersonics in the NBA finals


  • We kill a bill to eliminate unanimous juries
  • WACDL organizes response to government use of defense investigator as a paid informant
  • WACDL files bar complaint against prosecutor in response to use of prosecutor's approval of law enforcement officer posing as defense lawyer to get information from suspect.


  • New member services: expert witness list, email case law updates, and scholarship program


  • WACDL agrees to intervene in any case where a defendant is not fighting imposition of death penalty
  • New membership database created
  • WACDL Holiday Party held during WTO week.