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If you are practicing any amount of criminal defense, you owe it to yourself and your clients to be a part of WACDL. WACDL's publications, educational programs, and committees provide the support you need to stay informed about, succeed in, and influence the practice of criminal law.

Membership Types

  • Patron members support WACDL with an additional contribution.  They receive free tuition for two WACDL CLE programs and a 50% discount on the annual conference registration fee.  In addition, we will send patron members a link to download speaker materials for each of the CLE programs we present during your membership year.
  • Sustaining members support WACDL with an additional contribution.  They may download the materials for WACDL CLE programs presented while they are a sustaining member.


  • “Years of practice” is determined by when you were first admitted to any Bar.
  • Public defender members are those who obtain all of their income from assigned cases (e.g., no private cases).
  • Law professor members are for full-time law professors.
  • Retired membership is for retired lawyers no longer taking paid cases.


Associate members are non-lawyers involved with the criminal justice system. Please select the appropriate associate member category:

  • working full-time in a public defender office,
  • staff of a law office, or
  • other